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Wet bags, specially made for use with sanitary pads. Store clean, dry pads in here to keep them in your bag/purse/car. When the pad has been used, you can pop it in here, there is a waterproof layer to keep any moisture from getting into your precious items. Once home, unpack and pop all in the washing machine.

I make these up, as ordered, so please allow a couple of days to get them made for you.

These bags are made from layers of: Cotton or Cotton Lycra for the outside and inside, and a layer of PUL for waterproofing.
There is a plastic snap to hold the flap down.

These are embroidered (where applicable), hand cut, assembled and sewn by me!

15cm high, 13cm wide where the flap folds down (at widest point of “coffin”).
Fits 1x large pad comfortable and neatly, you could probably stuff 2 in if you really wanted to ;)

I can stitch these in many other fabric options, most fabrics on hand are gothic/dark inspired (or bright, because sometimes things just need some bright fabric). If you have a particular want/need, message me to see if I have something available, or can source. Customisations are free.

Can be machine washed and dried (I would not go above 60deg or the PUL may be compromised), or on the clothesline.

1 in stock (can be backordered)

PLEASE DO NOT ADD MORE THAN 1 AT A TIME AS MY SYSTEM WILL NOT CHARGE THE CORRECT AMOUNT for the different sizes and absorbencies, and then I will have to email you regarding the difference. If you are buying medium size, with regular absorbency, then go for it!!
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Swear Fabric Choices

Fabric Composition:
I am using bamboo as the absorption layers because it has natural breathability, it is anti-bacterial, and very absorbent.
Cotton or cotton lycra for it's breathability, cool against the skin, and soft to touch. Also comes in some wicked prints!
Suedecloth as it wicks the moisture away from your skin.
Bamboo gains absorption after a couple of washes, so you may want to toss in the washer a few times before use.

Washing Cloth Pads can be as easy as tossing them in the washing machine, no disinfectants or special routines are needed.  If you do have stains, you can try stain removers or use darker coloured pads that hide stains better. I have always found Peroxide works wonders removing blood, available from the chemist. You put it on the stain, it usually bubbles up, leave it a few minutes then wash off.
Store them in a wetbag (working on some options for these at the moment) if you are out and about, or at home. Or a covered bin in the bathroom or laundry, then wash with your normal washing load. Can be dried on the line, or clothes dryer (don't use fabric conditioners or dryer sheets as they make them lose absorbency). I would not use water or heat above 60deg as the PUL may be compromised.
They really don't have to be a lot of trouble and time. And, seriously, I do not care about stains, as who is going to see them except me?!?!

Please choose carefully before purchase as I CANNOT accept returns on sanitary pad items for hygiene reasons.


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