Stuffie, Dragon, Small


Here be dwagons!

This gorgeous little fellow wants to fly away and make his home with you!

He is handmade by me, he is stuffed with hypo-allergenic stuffing, and has a little pink heart inside as well. Oh, and he *has* been sniffed and given approval by my quality control officer, so if you are very allergic to dog hair, I will make you a brand new one, well away from my puppehs.

He is made from fleece, shiny silver spandex, and lots of thread, stuffing and magic.

In the future, these will have movable joints, (will be $120 for this size, $150 for the larger one) but I am still waiting for them to turn up. I have a bigger dragon mostly made, just waiting for his “bits”. This guy has his head, wings, arms and legs sewn on and they are not movable, so he is in this sitting position forever more. Not sure I would trust him with children, he’s more of a special “pop me on the shelf and be gentle with me” type of dwagon. Unless you have careful children, I mean, that *could* happen ….

He is 26cm high, has a 22cm wing span, and is 19cm deep. Last photo has a Pepsi Max can for scale.

“He” also does not mind if you think he looks like a “she” or anything in between. He’s good that way, name him whatever your heart desires!

This particular guy is basically black, has pink and purple eyes, purple eyelashes, and silver tummy, wing and ear accents. His toes, claws and horns have holographic glitter on them and shine and sparkle in the light.

I can make to order in any colours you want! Smash that message button …. Oh, and customs do not cost any more, but I do require payment before I will cut into my fabric. They will be $120 though, this guy is a little bit “imperfectly perfect” and not movable so he is cheaper.

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 22 cm


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