Embroidery Design, Wonky Wallet 8×10


This is probably really dodgy …. This was to see if I could. And I did …. Read all the way to the end. Go on, I dare you.

Wonky Wallet. You need to be able to do 8×10. Please check your hoop size. I am not your supervisor :P~  Do not attempt this if you do not already know how to embroider a basic ITH bag.

Wallet has 3 extra wide card slots across the font. A slip pocket that has a strap to hold cards, etc in there. A zipper pouch part too. You can embroider on one side, or leave that step out. Do not stitch the text I have, or you may feel a little weird. It is all fully lined. I suggest using leater, cork or vinyl, and get the edge paint ready.

There are 3 files, 1 Strap, 2 Card Pocket, 3 Exterior with zip. This is not for the faint of heart …. it takes some lining up, especialy at the last step. If  you do not have the patience to do this, then I suggest you do not purchase, Also have a glass of something that is mostly apples. File types: DST, JEF, PES, EXP, VP3, VIP, HUS, PCS, XXX  (I have no knowledge of the last 5, so hit me up if it does not work. Most machines will run the DST though).

  • Strap will fit in a 4×4 hoop.- 90x84mm – 1909 stitches
  • Card pocket will fit 8×9 hoop – 200x210mm – 1807 stitches
  • Exterior with zip fits 8×10 – 198x245mm – 3715 stitches (without the placeholder text I have there)

There are also some cutting files for if you have a fancy dancy machine to do that. SVG & FCM. If you use Cricut, you are on your own, I hear DS screws with SVGs. There is also a PDF if you just own scissors and paper.

There are a few tricksy bits, so that I can use either folded vinyl, or fabric lining for the card slots for example.


Oh, and now for the fun shit if you got this far …

  • Read all the instructions first. Then read again. Grab a drink with mostly apples. Do not attempt this if you do not already know how to embroider a basic ITH bag.
  • If you do not have an embroidery machine, hardware and software required, do not buy this file. If you do not know how to use it, do not buy this file. If you are expecting something physical to be sent to you, do not buy this file. Understand?
  • If you do not know your hoop size, find out. DrGoogle is full of lots of helpful stuff. So is your Owner Manual. RTFM.
  • If you want to sell this file as your own, don’t. Do not give it to anyone else either. You can stitch physical items from this file and sell those. Not the sofware files.
  • Digital files are not eligible for refunds, because you already have the files. Unless I screwed up. Hit me up if you have any issues.
  • You will receive a download link after checkout completes.
  • You are free to hack this design as you wish. I am not your supervisor :P ~~
  • Last but not least, do not come whingeing to me if you open the file in software and it fucks you over. That is on your software. I suggest you save a copy of the file, and fuck around with that. FAFO.
  • Get outta here. Go stitch something.


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